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Best ways to make your slow computer fast [high CPU usage solved]

Disclaimer: Slow computer? Searching for an easy and efficient way to boost up your computer speed. Here is a step by step guide to boost up your slow computer the way you never imagined, hold tight on your seat and carry on the steps as instructed.

If one solution does not work try other, but till you reach the end you will have your problem solved that’s my guarantee. 

Here’s is our first and most important solution for slow computers which worked for me and it will work for you.

Cleaning the Processor and CPU

Slow computer heat sink
Heat Sink

When was the last time you changed your thermal insulator on your processor? Can’t remember, then it’s the best time to change it.

Why? how does it makes your computer slow?

If thermal insulator is damaged, it cannot conduct an efficient flow of heat from Processor to fan, which will increase the temperature of the CPU and in turn effect your CPU usage.

It is one of the most effective way that i have tried and it worked wonders for me, if you do not believe here is my usage

slow computer cpu usage
CPU Usage

Earlier when i used to open this many tabs or windows CPU usage would sky rocket to 100% but after applying this solution, you can see the results.

Let’s get started with the process.

First step is to remove the processor fan/Heat sink.

If you are not comfortable removing heat sink please do not try to remove it, call someone who is experienced in computer hardware.

It can cause damage to your motherboard as re-installation of the fan is not easy at all.

Here is the Video guide on how to remove the fan.

Just remove the fan not the processor, once you have removed the fan, remove the dirt from the fan, clean it with a dry cloth or use your old toothbrush.

Now Clean the dirty black grease on your processor gently, paste the thermal insulator if available  otherwise you can buy on Amazon.

Apply pea size thermal grease at the center.

WARNING : Do not spread it because it will create air bubbles and poor heat conductivity.

Now, Re-Install the processor fan cautiously, After all these steps are over, clear out all the dust from your entire CPU with the help of air compressors

Remember it is the most important steps out of all these

To know how dust can cause harm to your CPU here is the link

Now you can see a huge difference in the working of the CPU and it’s usage.

Not happy with the above solution, let’s try hands on to our other solution.

Running Disk Defragmenter

Do you notice that when you open multiple tabs on your slow computer or on your Internet browser, it starts to lag

When you check your CPU usage it shows 90-100% most of the time and you would try to close as many tabs as you can to decrease the CPU usage.

If you notice the speed difference after closing multiple windows, it shows a clear indication that you need more memory and need to increase your RAM(Random Access Memory).

If still there is high fluctuations in the CPU usage, run disk defragmentation.

To know more about disk defragmentation here is the link

Here is how you can run it.


Local disk properties
Local Disk Properties


Defragmenter window
Defragmenter window


Analyse any disk you want to and it will show you the percentage of fragmentation of that disk.

Once it is analysed click on Defragment disk, it will take some time but it will solve your slow computer and high CPU usage problem.

Run Disk Cleanup

Disk cleanup is the process where all your temporary files, internet cache, duplicate files, files in recycle bin, dumped memory are detected and can be cleaned out.

Here’s a guide how to do it

My Computer→Right click on Local disk X (X=Where most of your applications are installed)

Disk Properties window
Disk Properties window


Click on the Disk cleanup tab and it will check for all the junk files as shown below

It will take long time if you are cleaning the disk after a long time so don’t worry.

Disk cleanup window
Disk cleanup window

Once completed it will show the details of the junk files

List of Junk files
List of Junk files

Click OK to delete the files permanently

Keep cleaning the disk frequently to avoid slow computer behaviour.

After completing this step carry on with the next step.


Reduce Background operations

Your background operation can add to your slow computer and worsen the problem

Background operations are nothing but program that runs like behind the scenes even when no windows are open. When number of application installed increases background operations also increases which we forget to terminate.

Here is how you can see all your Background operations

For Windows 7 users click on start button and search msconfig.exe

msconfig windows
msconfig window

For Windows 10 users open Task manager click on STARTUP tab.

Now, untick all the unwanted application, so that it will not operate in the background. It will also boost up your startup speed.


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