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Imagine what if drones could handle itself?  Here is your answer

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Skydio – A California based company launched its first ever product Skydio R1 a fully autonomous drone.

Yes you heard it right, Skydio R1 is fully autonomous which means no need to use remote control to stabilize the drone for a perfect shot.

Next time when you want to record yourself while mountain biking, no need to ask help from your friend, Skydio R1 will handle everything exceptionally well.

Or Record your entire tennis game with the best angle possible, which can be used for teaching purpose to those who are really passionate about tennis.

The only tool you required is your smartphone. With just a single click it captures your image and follows you wherever you visit and the most interesting thing is that, it can sense the obstruction in its path in the worst possible environment possible and defends itself easily hence adds a considerable amount of safety to the drone.

“The promise of the self-flying camera has captured people’s imaginations, but today’s drones still need to be flown manually for them to be useful,” says Adam Bry, CEO and co-founder of Skydio.

It took them four year to come up with this autonomous drone, while tackling the most complex problems of AI and Robotics.

Features of Skydio R1 Drone:

It has 13 real time onboard operating cameras, which makes it fully autonomous and and captures the world in the most wonderful manner possible.

Two 16 minute batteries and Wifi support to connect it to your mobile phone.

Skydio R1 Camera
Skydio R1 Camera


Secret ingredient behind defending the obstacles in its path, in the worst possible environment is its NVIDIA Jetson AI Supercomputer.

R1 is built with superior materials which includes lightweight aluminium and carbon fibre, with a slim design which can be easily fitted in your bag.


Skydio R1 Top
Skydio R1 Top


Downside of Skydio R1

High price(2500$), you can purchase 2-3 DJI Mavic for the price of one Skydio R1.

No Photography option available despite having 4K Camera and no customization setting option for video.

It records everything from the time it takes off, it also records the part which you do not wish to capture, but at the same time if you get distracted it will prevent itself and others.


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