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How would you feel when you have a strong desire to read or to educate yourself, but you cannot afford to buy a Pustak(Book). What if you can get books free of cost, yes you can get books for free. There is an organization in India doing philanthropic work by providing free books and they are succeeding in their mission. They have donated till date 68204 books and 22568 book reused

It runs through an online community called MyPustak (Pustak means book in Marathi Language). You can buy books with price ranging from 100-10000 for free. Only fee you have to pay is the courier fee that too is nominal. MyPustak has reached in many remote parts of the our nation and doing a great job.

How to they distribute Free books


Mypustak works on donate and distribution system where people can donate to their online community, mypustak volunteers come and collect books from your doorstep within 24hr of filling up the online form and they distribute the same who is in need of that particular book.

So if you can afford to buy a book do not sell it after the usage of the book is over, rather you can educate a child by providing them with a book and not just educate them you are contributing to the environment according to the creators of this community every book which is publish emits 2.71Kg of carbon-dioxide equivalent, so if one book can be reused atleast 4 times, 11kg of carbon emission can be reduced that to sitting at your home just by filling a form.

Here is the link to donate the book

It is my humble request, if you can afford to buy books don’t buy it for free, instead try to donate maximum books possible to mypustak community and also inform to those who are unaware of this organization, you can bring a joy of tears to that child, and also it is a great opportunity for those who dream of educating children and literate every child whether they are in the remotest part of the country.

As Rightly said by Nelson Mandela,

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world“.

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