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Xiaomi’s MI A1 latest update March[Full Info]- A-tech

Xiaomi’s MI A1 Launched it’s latest update with Android version 8.0.0 having security patch level update as of March 1, 2018.

MI A1 Update
MI A1 Front and rear view
MI A1 Update
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MI A1 Update
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Here are some of the features and improvements of the the latest update which is fixed


  • Crashing of apps has been fixed, previously lot of complains were received about apps crashes such as Play store, Gmail getting crashed, but now the apps seems to be running perfectly.
  • Lagging of camera has been fixed in the recent update as it was way to handy to handle the camera.
  • There were complains regarding the fingerprint sensor not responding quickly as it should be, it has also been fixed in this update.
  •  MI user can now install Google Camera easily as it was not working with the previous version here is the complete guide for installing Google Camera(GCam).


  1. Expected to receive an update of Android version 8.1.0, but is received an update of 8.0.0.
  2. Long Charging hour as it is, but battery life has been increased
  3. Heating of the mobile still persist.

Overall Experience of MI A1 Update:

Lot of bugs has been fixed in this update and it is highly recommended that you update. The major update i think is of Google Camera which was not supported in the previous version.

MI should focus on improving it’s already launched devices Quality and less focus on aggregating number of phones.

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