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For those who don’t know what Jasper is..


Jasper is an open source platform for developing always-on, voice-controlled application that runs on Raspberry pi.



Here’s what you can do with JASPER

Control anything

Use your voice to ask for information, update social networks, control your home, and more.

Always listening

Jasper is always on, always listening for commands, and you can speak from meters away.

100% Open source

Build it yourself with off-the-shelf hardware, and use our documentation to write your own modules.

Ready to install Jasper?

Step By Step Procedure [it is easy]

raspberry pi jaspper voice assistant voice controlled a-tech
Jasper voice assistant


Get the hardware

jasper runs on Raspberry Pi and a handful of inexpensive, off-the-shelf components.

Buy Raspberry pi from

Starter Kit Low price from



Download Latest Pre-Build Image. 


Download Etcher from

a-tech etcher raspberry pi install image disk image
Etcher Software User Interface


  1. Plug Micro SD card (minimum 8 GB)
  2. Load Downloaded .img file into Etcher and Select SD card.
  3. Flash it.

Now put SD card into Raspberry pi and boot up.

Please Note:

Default Username: pi

Default Password: raspberry


Now you can plug and setup your USB mic and Speakers. and start using Jasper as your personal assistant.


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