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Need some free images for your Blog or your Website and that too without copyright violation here is the complete guide of the best resources from where you can use the picture for your blog

It is easy to find free images from Google, this was the same thought running through my mind while finding the images for my blog, but this can cause some serious problems. When using images from google, you are using it with a good intention but it’s still stealing and it is seen that 49% of the stealing is done by bloggers which is the highest.

But Why

These days you must have observed that below every google image Copyright notice has become more prominent than before and also if you have observed view image button has been removed. The main intention behind this action is to reduce the copyright Violation.

Image With Copyright Warning

If Copyright image is used in your Blog or Website, chances are that your Google Adsense would not be approved or legal action may be taken on the user by the creator of that particular image. Here are some of the resources listed down.

Best Resources to download Copyright free images

1. Pexels

One of the best website where almost all images are under CREATIVE COMMON ZERO(CC0) Licence, which means the images are free to distribute to use it commercially.

Copyright Description

2. Wikimedia 

Not known by many, but contains millions of free images.

Wikimedia Copyright description





3. Pixabay

Over million free images, illustration and Vector images.


4. Unsplash

Every Second three photos are downloaded, Popularity of the website can be proved by this.

Not making a long list, just listed best resources which is sufficient enough.

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