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DIY World Record Longest Distance Paper Airplane

Its all about folding paper with precision and design it carefully



Do you still think making paper airplane is fun, well think again. If you are good enough folding papers then you might set a world record.

Yes You read that right, making paper airplane is easy, but making diy paper airplane that sets world record is no joke.

alright if you are reading this so far than you are ready to learn how to make it.

John Collins, The Paper Airplane Guy, has studied both origami and aerodynamics to design planes that set world records. In 2012, one of his designs, thrown by professional football player Joe Ayoob, broke the Guinness world record for the farthest distance flown. Check out the toss in this video (via The Kid Should See This):


Tutorial Video:

There are some points that novice paper-plane folders should note: a folding tool gives you sharp creases, when folding edges in you need a little “breathing room” (about a millimeter in this case) so that the layers don’t bunch up when folded. Symmetry, flat layers and exact lining up of edges are very important.

Also, be warned: If you are hoping for the longest flight time, you’ll need a different plane.

That world record belongs to the 27.9-second “hang time” achieved by Takua Toda in 2009, notes Robbie Gonzalez for

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