Creation failed error in STAAD-pro[Solved]

You must have came across this error something like “Creation failed” while Generating seismic analysis loading Case conditions in STAAD-Pro

Creation failed error
Seismic Loading Window

When you click on the generate Tab you get error something like this

“Creation failed”

The error generated due to the fact that Dll1893.dll was not registered during the time of installation.

Here is the simple solution to remove the error

  1. Open command prompt as an administrator and enter the following line

regsvr32 “X:\SProV8i SS6\STAAD\Dll1893.dll”

Where X= Path where you have installed Staad-Pro

Creation failed error solved
Command Prompt Window

Now hit Enter and you can see regsvr32 window, which means the code has successfully executed

Now try to Generate Seismic loading it will definitely generate, if still any doubt please comment down below will be happy to help.

Take care of Spaces, i have seen many people doing mistakes in applying space at proper location, there is single space after regsvr32 and space after SProV8i if the problem still persist try to give space after X:

Copy the same code as it is Case Sensitive

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