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Which GoPro Hero to choose from? Get your question answered here.

Want to record an underwater video shooting, or want to explore places and would love to store the entire journey, Gopro Hero is here for you.


Gopro mounted
GoPro mounted on helmet


But, there are many versions of GoPro versions launched by manufacturer GoPro, which one you should choose for your next adventure is the question.

So here is a comprehensive comparison of the latest Budget edition of Hero GoPro, Hero GoPro 6 Black and Hero GoPro 5 Black.

I have considered all the major point, which have differences, and the points that are not included are mostly same for all edition of the GoPro



GoPro Hero(2018)

GoPro Hero 6


GoPro Hero 5


Widescreen Video Capture

Yes Yes Yes

Effective Photo Resolution

10 MP 12 MP  12MP

Image recording format


Underwater Depth

33 ft(10m) 33 ft(10m)  33ft(10m)


Waterproof, shockproof Waterproof  Waterproof


Silver Black  Silver

Focus adjustment

Focus Free Focus Free  Focus Free

Night Photo

NO Yes  Yes


NO Yes  Yes

Camcoder effective


10MP 12MP  12MP

Exposure Control

No Yes  Yes


No Yes  Yes

Touch Zoom

No Yes  No

HD Video support

1440p,60fps 4k  4k

Night Lapse Photo

No Yes  Yes


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GoPro Hero will be launched on 29 March 2018.

GoPro Hero is a perfect selection if you are new to vlogging on and want to cut short on budget.

Cons of GoPro hero:

  • No wifi and no GPS, so there will be no quick transmission from Cam to your laptop or to your phone.
  • Does not allow you to record in raw mode nor you can control exposure.



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