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The first thing that I do every morning after getting ready for the office is to go through my emails. And then I start deleting dozens of emails which I don’t need.

Well I know it’s very annoying but we use our email ID in lot places and we end up getting those unwanted emails by the names of newsletters and promotional emails.

Unwanted flow of emails
Unwanted emails

One thing you can do is to start unsubscribing from all the services you do not want sending you emails.

One way to do this by opening each email and then look for the unsubscribe option to opt out.

Another very simple way is to use a service like which can let you unsubscribe through all your subscription emails in a very Tinder like fashion.

But again it is not the very effective way as after sometimes you start getting those emails and you end up spending a lot of time in deleting those annoying emails.

Efficient way to get rid of these mails

Recently I came across an Android application called Cleanfox that lets you unsubscribed from that newsletter and also lets you delete all the existing old emails from the subscribed services in a single click and that too on a very interesting concept.

Cleanfox app
Cleanfox App

Cleanfox claims an email emits about 10g of CO² per year. Yes, you read that right 10 gram of CO² is the annual carbon footprint of an email.

More than 200 million emails are sent every minute. Emails are directly responsible for the emission of more than 2,000 tons of CO² per minute!

This application will inform you on statistics about how much carbon dioxide is reduced per year by opting out and deleting all those unwanted emails. This must be the most ecological way of cleaning your mailbox.

Cleanfox currently supports almost all major email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft (Hotmail and Outlook), Orange, SFR, Free, AOL, La Poste, Noos, Numericable, GMX, BBOX (and Bouygtel), Apple and iCloud.

Cleanfox is currently in English and French languages.

The developers also claim to plant a tree for every person that creates an account on Cleanfox. They are partnered with WeForest Project to fight against deforestation in Zambia.

You can use my personal sponsor code: Folksy-Claim-N63 to join Cleanfox and let’s build a greener tomorrow.

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