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Are you looking for Best Gadgets that can save your time and give value for money.

Here are the list of selected awesome products and not a hefty list that mingles your brain into which product to buy.

Check out the list you will definitely love it.

1. Cyxus Blue light filter Glasses

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These Glasses filter out the blue light from the Desktop or Laptop screen and protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light on your body.

2. NFC tag Sticker.

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Best Gadget of the decade. Place your phone on the sticker and it will automatically turn on your bluetooth, turn on silent mode, turn on or off your wifi, send mail, set alarm by setting custom action on NFC tag with just one tap.

Video Credit: PixelGrid

3. Nanohold Mobile device Holder

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Want a Group selfie or a group picture without asking any stranger to click for you, then Nanohold mobile device holder is for you.

This Holder can stick on any flat surface and you can click your selfies it’s too easy.

4. Storage Case for Earphone 

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No more messing up of earphone, Stylish storage casing for earphone will save your valuable earphones and save cost for new earphone.



5.Nokia Steel HR Watch

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Do you love simple and smartwatches but at the same time you don’t love the fancy looking smartwatch.

You love fancy smartwatch but would not love to were it in a professional meeting.

Nokia has an awesome professional Hybrid smartwatch(Mixture of Analog and Digital) for you and has a battery life of 35 Days.


6. Neonode Airbar Touchscreen enabler for Laptops

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Are you bored with your old laptops and want to modify it lets do it.

Stick Neonode airbar to your laptop as shown in the video and convert it into touchscreen. See anything is possible.

It is available for windows 10 based laptop having size 13.3, 14 and 15.6 Inches and also for Macbooks


7. Hp Sprocket Photo Printer

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Need an instant picture of you cute little baby that you don’t wanna miss. HP brings you a portable photo printer which you can connect with your smartphone and print out any picture you want and paste it in your favourite diary.

Check out the Video of one of the best Gadgets


8. Lenovo Smart scale 

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Weight is an important parameter no matter which phase you are going through, and in the present scenario nearly 1/3 of the world is suffering from obesity that is due to high fat content in your body.

What if you can control your body weight, measure body mass index (BMI), Body fat, BMR(Basal metabolic rate) smartly on your smartphone.

Here is the Gadget named Lenovo Smart scale it links the scale with your mobile and provides to you all the relevant data you are searching for check out the video for more details.

9. Tile Mate (Find you lost gadgets)

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World best selling Bluetooth tracker fits  in the wrist of your hand. Have you lost your mobile and that too it was kept on silent mode.

Tile mate is there for you just double click the tile mate button and it will ring even if the mobile is kept on silent mode.

If you lost your car parked location tile mate can help you retrace the path you had taken from your parked car.

It can easily hook on to your key and use it as your key chain. Check out one of the best gadgets

10. Philips hue lighting LED Strip. 

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Bored with the traditional background of your home, date with your girlfriend at your home and want to impress her, need different color to suit different atmosphere, here is the gadget for you.

Just stick the led strip at the remote corner of your walls and control the lighting with the help of your smartphone.

It have 50 different variants of light. Also it is compatible with Google assistant, Apple homekit, and Amazon Alexa. check out the video for complete understanding



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